Restructuring, Insolvency & Bankruptcy

When a company faces restructuring, insolvency or bankruptcy, speed is of the essence. In many such cases, management and large parts of the organization will be under extreme pressure.

The primary objective is to ensure that the company survives the restructuring process. A further important objective is to create communications that maintain confidence in management; address employee morale; as well as address the concerns, while maintaining the confidence and support of customers, suppliers, collaboration partners and other stakeholders throughout the restructuring process.

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The company needs to address and communicate the challenges and uncertainties of complex legal, financial and reputational issues involved in a financial restructuring situation, as well as implement strategies to deal with multiple stakeholders, including shareholders, lenders, employees, and the media. A relevant communications strategy will fully support the business, legal and financial goals, and accurately presents the technical and legal aspects of the restructuring process.

We understand the media and the regulatory landscapes, and we use communications as a means of helping our clients accomplish their objectives during critical periods of their business transformation and when planning for the future.

Reliance applies an integral approach that includes strategic and financial communications, investor relations, media relations, public affairs, and several other communications disciplines. We focus on providing strategic advice to management and the board of directors, as well as executing a communications strategy that best positions the company for future growth and protects its reputation. In this connection, an effective strategy combines coherent narratives built on key messages, and an accompanying plan to deliver the messages to multiple stakeholders.

We assist in the areas of e.g. accounting investigations; asset sales; credit downgrades; creditor negotiations; cross-border insolvencies; distressed asset sales; financial reporting issues; in- and out-of-court financial restructurings; as well as M&A sale processes.

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At Reliance, we help clients develop a detailed communications strategy and announcement timeline ensuring that information regarding relevant objectives that accurately presents the technical and legal aspects of the restructuring process and reaches all stakeholders in a timely manner and with a consistent message. We operate in close collaboration with leadership teams, internal/external legal counsels, banks, financial advisers, and in-house communications specialists.

Our areas of advice and expertise include:

  • Creation of print, digital and in-person communications
  • Crisis & emergency contingencies, communications & management
  • Digital & social media – and ‘shit storms’
  • Holistic communications plan
  • Investor relations outreach
  • Media contingencies & management
  • Media monitoring & analytics (printed, digital, social, broadcast, trade, consumer, etc.)
  • Media training & workshops, presentation skills, debate training, Q&A training in our own TV studio
  • Message development
  • Post-announcement contingency planning
  • Pre-announcement scenario planning, including leak mitigation strategies
  • Proactive and reactive media strategies
  • Regulatory, government & public affairs
  • Stakeholder assessment & engagement
  • Strategy & message development
  • Traditional media
  • Video production
  • Website development
  • 24/7 crisis support service (call + 45 20 21 71 30 to get in touch with our crisis response team)
“We help clients communicate restructuring processes and to maintain the support of their stakeholders”