Crisis & Issues Management

A crisis reveals the true character of a company. We help clients ensure they have the appropriate strategies and tactical plans in place – before a crisis happens – and stay on track and demonstrate leadership as a crisis unfolds. Typically, it is not matter of if, but when a major crisis materializes.

If a company fails to communicate efficiently internally and externally with its stakeholders during a crisis, the company may suddenly have a ‘double crisis’ which may lead to a significant loss of both business and reputational capital.

At Reliance, we work with clients dealing with a wide range of crisis situations. We help our clients map potential risks and vulnerabilities, and design responses to mitigate the risks before they happen. We ensure that when a crisis does occur, our experienced and senior advisers take prompt and constructive action to minimize any potential damage.

Our areas of advice and expertise include:

  • Corporate actions & defenses
  • Crisis & emergency contingencies, communications & management
  • Crisis & media training in our own TV studio
  • Cyber security communications
  • Digital & social media ‘shit storms’
  • Environmental & disaster management
  • Financial performance issues
  • Fire drill exercises
  • Issues management
  • Litigation & arbitration communications
  • Media training & messaging in our own TV studio
  • Media & social media defense
  • Negative media stories
  • Private client counsel
  • Restructuring & contentious M&A
  • Regulatory & public affairs
  • Risk auditing
  • Scenario planning
  • Shareholder activism
  • Special situations
  • Systems & IT failures, data breaches
  • Stress testing the organization
  • Preparing and updating crisis & issues management plans
  • Whistleblower & employee issues
  • 24/7 crisis support service (call + 45 20 21 71 30 to get in touch with our crisis response team)
“We help clients ensure they have the appropriate strategies and tactical plans in place”