Code of Conduct


Any information provided by our client, or which we receive about our client or any third party in connection with our advisory role, will be treated as confidential. Any material provided to us by our client or a third party, irrespective of its form or medium, will be treated and kept in a confidential manner. All employees are bound by professional secrecy.

Insider rules

The board of directors, management, partners and all employees are governed by rules, which comply with existing legislation on prohibition of disclosure of inside information about listed companies and investment trusts, and which comply with the legislative restrictions regarding dealings in listed securities. The rules are also applicable to family members of the said persons.


We work with a high ethical standard and are responsible in our daily actions. At Reliance, we are committed to exercising good business ethics and behavior in accordance with our mission, vision and values, as well as the existing policies and guidelines of Reliance.