Companies and organizations cannot buy a reputation – they have to earn it, and they must demonstrate value beyond what they do on a day by day basis. This is true in relation to all stakeholders.

A campaign allows a client to express exactly this – either by helping to both enhance and protect reputation, or achieve a pre-defined outcome. This may be a policy change or increased awareness of an issue and its solutions, a product, a city or a region. A campaign may also help rebuild the reputation following an operational or reputational crisis.

For Reliance, a campaign is a strategy based on taking certain action to address a shared issue between a business or organization, and its audiences, which earns attention and delivers reputational and commercial advantage. This may be done via a combination which includes e.g. social media, advertising, PR, events and film.

At Reliance, we help clients shape their future via campaigns – based on evidence, data and knowledge – with a view to creating change and tangible results.

Our areas of advice and expertise include:

  • Advertising campaigns
  • Branding campaigns
  • Brand launch campaigns
  • Competences campaigns
  • Conference campaigns
  • Creative campaigns
  • Employee engagement campaigns
  • Employer branding campaigns
  • Events campaigns
  • Information campaigns
  • Issues campaigns
  • Media campaigns
  • Nudging campaigns
  • Public participation campaigns
“We help clients shape their future via campaigns - based on evidence, data and knowledge”