Regulatory, Government & Public Affairs

In essence, Regulatory, Government and Public Affairs (together ‘Public Affairs’) is about mediation between commercial and societal interests, and bridging the perception gap between two quite different areas; business and politics. This can play out directly between a private company and relevant politicians, or it may happen through the more institutionalized channels often found in the Nordic countries. It may also take place in a more informal set-up via dialogue and meetings.

Equally, Public Affairs may be understood through a broader stakeholder definition, in which NGOs, organizations, key opinion leaders and media are approached in order to facilitate a dialogue, and where Public Affairs has very clear common denominators with other communications disciplines, in particular corporate communications.

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At Reliance, we advise clients on how political, social and economic developments might affect their business, and how our clients should strategically position themselves in this context. This includes advising our clients on how to advocate their positions, and providing recommendations on government & public affairs relations. This requires an integrated approach that consistently maps and targets all relevant stakeholders and creates a solid foundation for sustainable corporate success.

We have extensive and in-depth knowledge of Public Affairs consultancy of public companies, private companies and organizations, typically in situations of special challenges or interests, and where more broadly-founded business associations may not be as capable of serving these interests due to competitive issues or conflicts of interest. We operate both in front of and behind the scenes, depending on our clients’ interests and preferences, and we assist in the political process, in the preparation of position papers and key messages, as well as with strategy and implementation.

Reliance analyzes the effect of our clients’ political, societal and corporate environment on its business model, and develops possible approaches to mitigate potential risks while also creating new opportunities. We advise companies regarding their strategic positioning in the political and societal landscape. We support companies in credibly promoting legitimate interests by engaging with policymakers, regulators and the public, e.g. through white papers, stakeholder mapping & analysis & strategies, media contacts, public plans, political proposals, etc.

Further, the Public Affairs discipline is increasingly relevant, e.g. in the form of political analysis, mapping and due diligence, in connection with IPOs and M&A in relation to companies, whose business is either government regulated, has a large impact on the infrastructure of society (e.g. finance, IT, energy, transport etc.), or has the attention of the competition or antitrust authorities.

We know how to operate in the commercial environment as well as in political reality, and we know how to influence decision makers and to find common grounds. We have long-standing experience within Danish and EU politics from within Christiansborg (the Danish Parliament).

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At Reliance, we help clients navigate in the regulatory, government and public affairs area. Our team, which includes former senior government advisers and politicians with connections in both sides of the Danish Parliament, is well-placed to advance the critical interests of our clients through policy positioning, coalition building, media relations, thought leadership, stakeholder surveys, focus groups, and targeted advertising. We have experience from a wide variety of sectors and situations and have worked on numerous campaigns that have positively impacted the bottom lines of our clients.

Our areas of advice and expertise include:

  • Analysis of proposed legislation & regulation
  • Comparative analysis of proposed policy alternatives
  • Government & regulatory advisory, approach & relations
  • Government relations on amendments to bills, regulations & policy commitments
  • Government approval & oversight reviews, e.g. M&A
  • Integrated political, media and digital campaigns
  • Local authority & government body advisory
  • Outreach and engagement with key opinion formers
  • Policy & regulatory analysis and advisory
  • Political analysis & strategies
  • Political engagement
  • Political insight, intelligence & information
  • Political intelligence & insights
  • Political media engagement
  • Political media relations
  • Political reputation management
  • Political risk advisory
  • Select committee advisory
  • Stakeholder analysis & mapping
“We help clients navigate in the regulatory, government and public affairs area”