Digital & Social

Digital & social media is a crucial and integral part of any company’s or organization’s communication. All communications issues have a digital element to address.

Some companies and organizations are already well underway on their digital transformation journey, while others need more advice and practice. Reliance provides ongoing coaching of clients to ensure they have the confidence to implement the digital aspects of their communications strategy. It may take time to move to a fully integrated digital and social media communications approach.

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We appreciate that companies need holistic responses which allow them to reach a wide range of stakeholders, while speaking their values. We help clients at all stages of digital maturity to understand where they want to be. We support clients building digital capabilities to help them communicate with the right audiences, at the right time, via the right channels, while highlighting business objectives. We help companies unlock the hidden potential of digital and social media communications.

Increasingly, activist investors deploy aggressive digital tactics to advance their agendas and tend to target companies when they are the least prepared and most vulnerable. Reliance helps our clients prepare and execute digital activist defense strategies, including digital and social media campaigns.

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At Reliance, we help clients combine insight, creativity and the right technology to bring consumer & B2B digital thinking into the corporate world. We help clients make the most of today’s digital advances, e.g. investor communications, corporate and investor websites, social media campaigns, campaign microsites, corporate intranets, or digital design systems for the entire digital ecosystem.

Our areas of advice and expertise include:

  • Ad mixing
  • Apps
  • Community engagement & management
  • Content generation, distribution & management
  • Content generation, e.g. online articles, social media posts & press releases
  • Content strategy
  • Customer journey
  • Digital advertising
  • Digital branding
  • Digital campaigns
  • Digital strategy
  • Digital governance
  • Digital shareholder activism defense
  • Influencer marketing
  • Intranet
  • Measurement & analytics strategy
  • Mobile
  • Social media contingency & defense – strategies & execution
  • Social Listening, monitoring & analytics
  • Online content, e.g. videos & blogs
  • Social media & content strategy
  • Social media campaigns
  • User tests
  • Website audits
  • Websites (corporate, IPO, M&A, campaign microsites)
“We help clients make the most of today’s digital advances”